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Privacy Policy

What information do we collect?

We collect personal information from you when you either order free samples, place a window covering order or sign-up for our newsletter.  However you can always visit our site anonymously and shop with us over the phone.

What do we collect this information for?

We have worked hard to limit the amount of information we collect from our visitors.  The only information we collect is used to meet the requests from these uses.

If you order free samples from us, we must collect your information to ensure they get delivered correctly.

If you place an order with us, we must have this information for delivery as well as your phone number (required by shipper) and ship-to address.

If you request our newsletter, we must know what e-mail address to send to.

Why do you always need an E-Mail Address?

We track our users by e-mail address.  With the volume of business we do, personal phone calls or written correspondence would be in appropriate.  So, we use e-mail as our main conversation with our customers.

The e-mail address you provide will be used for order processing, whether samples or window coverings, order updates and communicating the status of these orders to you.

NOTE: most correspondence we send to you via e-mail will include a clearly marked link allowing you to stop future mailings.

How do we protect your information?

We have implemented the latest security measures on our web server and pay for a daily security scan by a third party security firm called McAfee Secure.

We store your address, phone and e-mail for up to five years for your convenience with future orders only.  If you request to have this information removed, it will be promptly as possible.

We never store credit card numbers or any other personal banking information.

Do we disclose any information to outside partners?

We do not sell, trade or otherwise transfer to outside parties customer information.  This does not include trusted third parties who assist us in operating our web server, our vendors and the shipping services - so long as those parties agree to keep this information confidential.

We may also release customer information when we believe release is appropriate to comply with the law, enforce our site policies, or product ours or others' rights, property or safety. 

Your Consent

By using our website, you consent to our privacy policy.

Changes to Our Privacy Policy

If we decide to change this privacy policy, we will post those changes on this page and allow any user for whom we have collected personal information to withdrawn it upon request.

Ordering Policy

Tips & Policies

Since these are truly custom made and non-returnable, here are four major things to be sure your are satisfied with your purchase. Just call or email if you have questions.

  1. Be sure the colors are what you want. We are not responsible for wrong color selection. Samples of the actual fabric are free upon request.

  2. Be sure your sizes are correct. We are not responsible for wrong sizes. You can call or email for clarification and help. Most of our products have insurance that can be purchased at the time of order to cover the cost of the blind if it is mis-measured.

  3. Make sure you know the specifications of the product. We are not responsible for orders where the specifications are correct and clearly posted, and ordered incorrectly. Call or email for any clarification. We are experts and can help.

  4. Make sure phone in orders are verified to be correct. We are not responsible for phone in orders. You have several opportunities to look the order over and make sure it is placed correctly. We can make mistakes and a phone call or email within 48 hours will solve this.

Read below for clarification, guidelines and tips and simply call or email if you have questions.

Parts and Installation

Please open all packages and boxes before hanging blinds and make sure all the hardware is there for installation and the blinds are functioning properly before you attempt installation. Sometimes our factories might forget to include a part or they might be coming in a different shipment or they could even be damaged. Call us if there is an issue with this. We will not pay for installation, time spent/delays, trip fees etc.  It is your responsibility to make sure the blinds are working properly and all parts are present before you attempt installation. 


Double check all measurements. (Width First, Height Second)

All measurements are listed width first and height second. We measure in inches to the nearest 1/8".

For "inside the window", the manufacturer takes appropriate deductions off the width and sometimes the height. This is used so you do not have to think about the proper deductions when you measure the window. All deductions can be found on the specifications link found on that specific product page.

For "outside the window" measurements. The factory takes no deductions what so ever and makes the ENTIRE blind the exact size or slightly wider than your measurement. You have to make the proper adjustments for clearance of your opening. On some products, the fabric is narrower than the brackets or headrail that attaches to your opening. All information can be found on the specifications link found on that specific product page.

Double check all measurements. (Width First, Height Second)

Fabric and Color Selection

The color on your monitor is probably not accurate to the actual fabric.  If you are not 100% sure of the color you want, please call for free samples.  We will mail those that day typically.  It is better to wait a couple of extra days to be sure of the fabric and color selection than to pay for a color or fabric you were not expecting.  Natural wood products (especially woven wood products) can and do change color from lot to lot or over time.  It is best to order the same room at the same time.  Click here to request samples.  Be sure to put your name and address in.

Back Orders

We do get back orders from time to time. We try to inform you the day we receive notice but sometimes our manufactures do not let us know until you do. We can always switch fabric or colors or you can wait until the material arrives.  We do bill your credit card upfront for any order and do that as a protection to our suppliers and us. If you do not want to wait on backorders or make a color/product change, we totally understand. Let us know and we will refund your amount.

Damaged Freight

Although rare, UPS and Fed Ex do damage freight.  We see it over and over.  We have got to know about blinds that were damaged by the shipper as soon as it happens.  Both companies are good about reimbursement but we have to have claims in no later than 18 days after goods were received.  After that, too late.  If you do have a damaged box and it was reported, you will need to hold on to the box and damaged blind incase the shipper wants to inspect them. Ground Freight orders can take a week or two longer. Ground freight orders are usually extra large and or long and more likely to be damaged and should be inspected closely. If there is any freight damage to your order, 1) report it immediately to us, 2) save the damaged box, 3) take a digital picture of the damage if you can and e-mail it to us, 4) hold on to the damaged product, UPS and FedEx will occasionally will request an inspection. Extra long or heavy orders usually ship through freight lines, common carriers, and these orders are where the majority of the freight damaged orders occur. The freight lines will not attempt to deliver to your home without an appointment. It is always a good idea to be there and to inspect the shipment closely for any visible damage to the container; if there is any visible damage, have the driver note it on the bill of laden before you sign. Again, your co-operation in resolving such problems is required.

Mismeasures and wrong color or fabric selection

Shades Shutters Blinds is not responsible for mismeasures, wrong installation, wrong color selection, wrong fabric selection.  If it is your fault, you take on the costs just like we will if it is our fault or the manufactures fault.  We will however offer an "oops policy".  We will replace the blinds at 20% off of cost.  Please call to request this. 

Order Changes

You should receive information on your order within minutes after placing it.  If you do not see your order via email or at: Order Status Look-up  please call immediately.  You only have 24 hours to make changes to your order.  Some customers prefer to place the order via phone.  Be sure to check the order status on the email and make sure it is correct.  We are not responsible for placing the order offline.  You have two opportunities to look your order over.  Either online or via email.  Make sure everything is correct. Any change or cancellation has to be done within 24 hours of placing your order. Check your sizes and color selection twice before sending your order. To facilitate quicker delivery, all orders are submitted to the manufacturer electronically and are very difficult to change once the order has been placed.

Woven Wood Blinds color disclaimer:

We were not aware of this issue until recently an we will have a disclaimer on all of our Woven Wood pages.  It is highly advised to place all the woven wood blinds order at the same time because of color changes.  There can be a significant color change from lot to lot.  This is only for the woven wood blinds because of the nature of the grasses and natural woods.  Shades Shutters Blinds will not be responsible for woven wood color changes due to ordering at different times.

Roller Shades and Sheer Blinds size disclaimer:

For ALL roller blinds (sheers, roller shades, sunscreens or any blind that rolls up), the fabric is narrower than the roller. It has to be this way to make room for the mechanisms that operate the blind and the fabric. The gap is the most significant of all our products and that is why this is here. There is a 1 1/2" (and more for some products which we will tell you on that page) total difference between the roller and the fabric. For inside the window (inside mount) there is nothing you can do about this so decide if that gap is acceptable. If not, you need to choose a different type of blind. For outside the windows (outside mount), you do have a choice. If you need the FABRIC to be a certain width, add to this measurement to make room for the roller. For example, if you want the fabric to be 26" wide, order your width at 27 1/2". The fabric will come at 26" wide give or take a little depending on the specs of that particular roller. We will take the measurements including the headrail, not just the fabric size. We are not responsible for this so call if you have questions.

Phone and faxed orders:

If an order is placed over the phone or by fax, you will receive and email confirmation of that order. If you do not receive an email confirmation within 24 hours, please call us so we can send it to you. The reason behind this is because sometimes we will not hear the order correctly over the phone or type it in wrong. We all make mistakes. Look it over when we send the order to you and let us know if we did not place it correctly. That's all we ask.

Blinds ordered for applications not designed for them:

On occasion we will be asked to make blinds that are for applications they were not originally intended for. That is fine. Examples include woven woods and screen shades to be put outside, shutters used as door substitutes, and blinds used as television projector back drops. Applications like this sound good, sound doable and sound like a great idea and are workable in most cases. But, we will not warrant this so keep that in mind.


Our company does not except returns unless authorized in writing by our customer service manager. Any return is at the sole discretion of our company. We will charge a $65 fee for returns that can be implemented and the customer will be responsible for shipping. These are custom and cannot be restocked. We can often work something out that benefits both parties so please call us.

Important: There will be times when we will request to have a product returned in order to be compensated by the manufacture. This is usually issued because of remakes etc. If this occurs, we will inform you of this and pay for the shipping charges back. You will need to box the blind. If you do not choose to send the damaged blind back like agreed upon, we will bill you the full amount of the new blind. No exceptions.

Freight Forwarders to Different Countries or States outside the continental US.

On occasion, we will get orders for out of the country or states not in the continuous 48.  It is fine to use freight forwarders.  However, Shades Shutters Blinds will only pay for shipping for the original order to the freight forwarder.  You (the customer) are responsible for all shipping charges after that first shipment.  Repairs, damaged blinds, remakes (even if it is Shades Shutters Blinds or the factories fault) will be paid by you the customer.  Although it is fine to use a freight forwarder, Shades Shutters Blinds and our factories are not set up for shipping out of the continental US.  Being that these are custom made blinds, there are several instances where they do need to be shipped back.


In most cases, shipping is Free. Please observe that we do have to impose some exceptions to keep costs down to maintain our great everyday prices. If your product is oversized, there is a $75.00 per order charge. If you order any of our plantation shutter products, there is also a $75.00 per order charge. A $75.00 charge is not assessed more than once for your order. An oversized product is one that in most cases is 94 inches wide or more. Some products have more than one tier for adding in oversized charges. Shipping charges to Alaska and Hawaii are extra, usually averages $35.00 per box.

There are 3 options if you need to speed up the production and delivery of your order.

  • Expedited - Production begins within 1 business day of being received at manufacturing. The additional cost is $9.95 per unit ordered. Products are shipped via regular ground.
  • 2nd Day - Production begins within 1 business day of being received at manufacturing. The additional cost is $29.90 per unit ordered. Products are shipped via 2nd Day shipping.
  • Overnight - Production begins within 1 business day of being received at manufacturing. The additional cost is $39.90 per unit ordered. Products are shipped via overnight shipping.

Please note that not all products can be expedited. At the checkout page, if all of the products in your shopping cart are eligible for expedited shipping, these shipping options will appear for your selection.

If you have any questions about your shipping costs, please call us before placing your order so that one of our friendly customer service agents can answer them for you. We make every effort to make your purchase with us the best online shopping experience possible.

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